Selling With Us

It can be a bit nerve-wracking selling your most valuable asset.
We're here to help.

Always ahead of the curve

In today’s real estate market, it’s not enough to just put a sign on your lawn. You need to have the tools, technology, and experience to ensure that you get the best price possible.

We’ll make sure you have that.

Why people love working with us

Experience & Expertise

Our team has sold over 300 homes and are the Top 1% of realtors at the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. We have our finger on the pulse, can feel shifts in the market (long before the local news can report on it), and adapt quickly.


We work with you to choose the BEST price for your home. The old way of running a current market analysis (CMA) is outdated and inaccurate. After you’ve met with us, we’re sure you’ll feel confident in us and the agreed upon list price.

Constant Communication

The number one complaint to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board is that realtors take way too long to reply to their clients (YIKES!). We understand that this is your largest asset. We take pride in being quick communicators. Even if we don’t have an answer for you right then and there, we will let you know we are working on it and will get back to you as soon as possible.

We Simplify with Technology

Gone are the old days of your realtor showing up at your home to counter an offer while you are in your pajamas. With the latest technology, it’s easy to electronically sign legal documents, which not only makes the entire process faster, but also less stressful.

Our Track Record

We Are Top 1% Realtors In The Fraser Valley

By combining a unique and refreshing marketing approach, with a home-grown understanding of the entire Cloverdale-Langley area, we have a well-established and  proven track record of delivering for our clients.

Some Cool Facts About Selling With Us

We are Marketing Pros

Chris has worked in marketing for over 15 years. It is his passion and a major reason why clients refer us to their friends and family. He proves why we stand out from our competition during a marketing presentation and shows why we have grown to be the Top 1% in the Fraser Valley. Every home is unique, so our marketing plan is specifically tailored to your property.

Our business is 90% referral driven.

90% of our customers were referred to use a past client. That means you can have confidence knowing we are a top 1% real estate team and we got here from doing a job that our past clients are happy to share with their friends. Our business continues to grow every year because of this.

A Growing Social Network

Our social network is one of the largest in the Fraser Valley. Unlike most realtors, we don’t outsource our social media. We are approachable, add a little humour to keep people coming back, and are always quick to respond to any questions regarding your home.

We Tell It Straight

Honestly – selling your house is a big transaction and you can expect the honesty that that transaction deserves. That means we’ll tell you exactly what we think based on our in-depth knowledge of the area and the market and never steer you in a direction that we don’t 100% believe in or know. Sleep better knowing that we’re upfront and honest.

So Are You Ready To Work With The Twins?

We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and show you how we can market your home better than anyone else.

We have a great reputation in this business and we plan on keeping it that way.

Expect honesty every time – it’s the best way, and only way we operate.

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