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Walnut Grove

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    Walnut Grove

    directly north of Highway 1 and just east of Port Kells, Surrey

    Walnut Grove is a thoughtfully planned community that is popular for commuters and made up of almost all single family homes and townhouses. 

    Being close to the highway, Walnut Grove has attracted all sorts of small and large businesses including two major grocery stores, independent and chain restaurants, and the largest movie theater in the lower mainland, as well as an olympic-sized swimming pool at the rec center.

    Walnut Grove At A Glance

    Everything you want at your fingertips

    Walnut Grove is the suburban life you see in movies. With space between homes and gated retirement communities, it’s a peaceful place to live away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Langley.

    Don’t let the quietness of the town fool you; there are many great places to grab some food and drinks. They even have a new independent vegan restaurant that is getting rave reviews. 

    Walnut Grove is known for its schools and parks. If you are a young family, this is a great place to plant some roots. Once our clients move to Walnut Grove they never leave. They may upgrade homes, but they always want to stay in the neighborhood.

    Walnut Grove's
    Defining Characteristics

    Commuter's Paradise

    If you commute to Vancouver daily, the quick access to the highway will shave hours off your week.

    Has The Daily Staples

    Skip the madness of the Costco parking lot. Everything you need is right in town.

    Well Planned Community

    Navigating Walnut Grove is easy with most roads winding to and from 88th Ave, which is the main strip though the town.

    Great Schools

    Walnut Grove schools have a great reputation and make it a great place to raise a family.

    Lots of Independent Shops

    Small coffee shops and independent restaurants give this area a small community vibe

    Pride of Ownership

    Owners take pride in their homes, especially in the retirement communities. The gardens in the spring are beautiful.

    Walnut Grove
    Housing Market

    Walnut Groves real estate market is a mix of townhouses, retirement communities, and single family homes. There are only a couple of condo complexes in the area. 

    This community was built in the late 1980s and 1990s. The lot sizes are typically less than 10,000 sq. ft. and the homes in the area rarely have basement suites. All of the homes are fully serviced.

    There is plenty of street parking in this well thought out community.

    Neighbourhood Appeal

    A quiet area to raise a family or to retire and relax

    Families love Walnut Grove. The schools are great, the parks are beautiful, and the neighbours are friendly. It’s a community that takes care of each other and is one of the safest places to live in Langley. In the evening it seems like everyone is out for a walk, and everyone says hello to you as you pass by. 

    There are plenty of places close by to go for a nice dinner, or hit a drive-through if you’re craving a Big Mac or Teen Burger. There’s a little bit of everything in Walnut Grove to skip the trip into downtown Langley. 

    For commuters, there is easy access to Hwy 1 from 200th Street, or the new on-ramp at 216th for anyone on the east end of town.

    Walnut Grove Lifestyle

    A Well-Planned Community Great For Family Life

    Walnut Grove Is Great For

    Young Families

    The schools, parks, and community vibe are why so many people choose Walnut Grove as their destination to plant long term roots.

    Retirees and Seniors

    There are many 55+ townhouse rancher style complexes. Walnut Grove is known for a great place to downsize and to say goodbye to climbing stairs.

    Imagining Your Life In Walnut Grove

    How you’ll spend your weekends…
    Hanging out with the family in your backyard or a neighbourhood park.

    Your entertainment & restaurant situation…
    There are some great restaurants, an ice arena and rec center, and the Fraser Valley’s largest movie theater – Colossus by Cineplex (That also has arcade games).

    What you’ll do after work…
    Grab a bite at The Italian, take the kids to the skate park, walk the dog, or catch a movie. It is easy to find things to do in Walnut Grove.

    Hobbies you can pick up…
    Well, it depends on your age! If you are retired, many stratas have started activities clubs, which gather groups to play bingo, crib or just hang out at the pool. If you are a young family… take the dog for a walk, go for a bike ride, take swimming classes at the rec center, or dust off the old skateboard and try not to die. Maybe leave the skateboarding to the kids?

    Walnut Grove is...

    Senior Friendly

    88th Ave is lined with 55+ complexes that are all very well maintained.

    Commuter Friendly

    Quick access to the highway shaves hours per week off your commute.


    From restaurants, to pubs, to ice arenas, to movie theaters. There is plenty to do on this side of town.


    Proud of their homes, proud of their yards, and proud of their schools. You can’t help but notice when spending some time here.

    Sports Friendly

    Skate park, ice arena, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, running tracks, the list goes on and on.

    What You'll Love

    You’ll love the friendly neighbours and the community feel of Walnut Grove. You’ll love that you have a small town vibe while still having a selection of activities and restaurants to choose from. You’ll love to walk at sunset through the different neighbourhoods as the majority of homes are well kept and show pride of ownership. 

    Being a tight knit community there is less crime than other rural areas of Langley. Neighbours look out for each other and are always willing to lend a hand or lend a tool. 

    Walnut Grove is its own community away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Langley.

    What You Might Not Like

    Both the 200th Street interchange and the 208th Street overpass can get bogged down in traffic at rush hour, and the drive to Costco at Christmas time takes three times as long as it would any other day.

    Walnut Grove is a sought after area, so the prices of homes can come at a premium. However, anyone who lives there now will tell you it’s worth the extra investment. 

    The Market

    Real Estate Stats

    Average Walnut Grove Home Prices

    Detached Houses



    $550K - $900K


    $400K - $550K

    The Rental Market

    Due to the lack of condos and the fact that the majority of the townhouses are age restricted, there are not many rentals in Walnut Grove. You may find the odd detached home for rent, and in that case, you’re looking at around $2,500 and up from there. More if you have pets.

    Key Landmarks & Amenities

    Plenty of options to choose from to keep the family busy!

    At A Glance

    Walnut Grove provides...


    Plenty of options to choose from to keep the family busy!

    A good Selection of Schools

    Walnut Grove schools have a great reputation for being some of the best in Langley.

    Great Food + Dining

    For a small town vibe, plenty of options here!


    From tennis courts to the track, there are plenty of facilities to play your favourite sports.


    Pride of ownership and a great community vibe.

    Easy Daily Living

    All the necessities within a short driving distance.


    The commercial and retail area runs along 88th Avenue, which is the main drag through Walnut Grove. The majority of shops are close to the 200th street interchange, with a few more mini malls and local businesses sprinkled a little farther east.

    Twin's Favourite Picks

    The Italian Osteria and Cheese Bar

    Amazing Italian dishes, from pasta to cheese plates. Wine, beer, and great cocktails.

    Browns Social House

    Restaurant + Bar
    A staple. Browns Social House has been recently renovated and is an an elevated takes on pub fare, burgers, and pizza.

    Oak and Thorne

    Craft beer and pub grub, funky industrial decor, and a games room downstairs. This is one of the largest pubs in Langley.

    OTher Notables

    Restaurants & Pubs

    Browns Social House
    Oak and Thorne
    The Italian Osteria and Cheese Bar
    Walnut Grove Pub
    Sushi Asakusa
    Ocean Park Pizza

    Fast Food

    Dairy Queen 
    Taco Bell
    Tim Hortons


    No Breweries in Walnut Grove

    Grocery Stores

    Save On Foods
    Kin’s Farm Market

    Coffee Shops​

    Wired Monk
    Gourmet Donuts & Coffee
    The Water Shed


    Peninsula Runners
    Dena’s Boutique
    Premium Label
    Walnut Grove Swim


    TD Bank
    Coast Capital


    Anytime Fitness
    Total Fitness
    30 Minute Hit
    Club 16
    Innovative Fitness

    Location + Accessibility

    Pride of ownership and a great community vibe.

    The Walkability of Walnut Grove is not great. You’ll want to own a vehicle unless you live close to the 200th Street interchange. Everything is within a five minute drive but just a little too far to want to carry groceries. You’ll never have an issue finding parking whether it be at a local business or in front of your home.

    Proximity To...

    (calculated by drive time)

    To Costco Langley: 15 min
    To Downtown Vancouver: 40 min
    To Burnaby: 30 min
    To Surrey City Centre: 30 min
    To Skytrain Line: 25 min
    To YVR Airport: 1 hour 20 min
    To USA Border: 30 min
    To Ferries: 55 min




    There are plenty of bus routes and accessibility throughout Walnut Grove.



    There should be a good availability of taxis and ride-shares.



    You’re a 25 minute bus or car ride away from the closest Skytrain.


    Car Dependant

    Most errands are best done with a car.

    Transit Score

    Minimal Transit

    It is possible to get on a bus.



    Fairly flat with good bike lanes.

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