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    Murrayville Real Estate Guide

    The Heartbeat of Murrayville

    Murrayville is one of the most sought after areas to live in and is just east of Langley City.

    Murrayville is broken into upper and lower Murrayville based on the geography of where on the hill that the community sits. It is appealing to seniors due to the proximity to Langley Memorial Hospital and has lower crime with RCMP Detachment flagging both sides of Fraser Highway, smack dab in the middle of the town.

    There are many independent small local businesses in Murrayville for any quick stop essentials. You’ll want to drive into Langley City if you are looking to load up on groceries. It is the perfect town to move into after you get one of the Murrayville homes for sale.

    Murrayville Homes For Sale

    Murrayville At A Glance

    The “Pleasantville” vibe

    There is a sense of pride coming from the neighbours in this community. It’s very rare to see an unkempt yard or litter on the streets. Many residents have lived in Murrayville since their home was originally built. Single family homes are now being sold by seniors to younger families that come in and put a little love and update the houses. Many seniors choose to stay in Murrayville as it has been a great place and a safe area for many years. This makes it a safe place to get one of the Murrayville condos for sale. 

    There are not a lot of options but there is at least one of everything you need here, from small local coffee shops, sushi restaurants and fast food, to drug stores and banks. Murrayville is its own little community that centers around Langley Hospital and the RCMP detachment. Check out the Murrayville townhomes for sale and get yours to move in soon. 

    Defining Characteristics

    Senior Friendly

    Due to many of the townhouses with master bedrooms on the main, and the proximity to the hospital, Murrayville is a popular place for seniors to own.

    Curb Appeal

    Murrayville is a safe and clean neighbourhood. The pride of ownership really shines through.


    With the RCMP attachment smack dab in the middle of town, there tends to be less crime in the area.

    Sound investment

    With Langley Memorial Hospital being close by, properties tend to fetch a higher price than other areas for comparable homes in Langley.

    Independent Shops

    There are plenty of small shops and independent businesses in the area for all of your day to day needs.


    The area has a few clusters of heritage homes, which all just add to the charm and curb appeal of Murrayville.

    Murrayville Homes For Sale

    Murrayville Housing Market

    Murrayville real estate market is a nice mixture of condos, townhouses, and single family detached Murrayville homes for sale. Mostly built in the 1990s, the lot sizes tend to be smaller but the homes are larger with very few basement suites. The properties are all serviced with water, hydro and most have gas. There has been recent development of new condos and Murrayville townhouses for sale, just off of Fraser Highway.

    There is always plenty of street parking in this well-planned community. 

    Murrayville homes for sale and murrayville townhomes for sale

    Neighbourhood Appeal

    Seniors love Murrayville due to its proximity to the hospital and the RCMP Detachment helps keep crime down.

    There are many Murrayville townhomes for sale that were built with a master bedroom on the main floor to market to the popularity of senior living.

    Murrayville is a very friendly neighborhood with plenty of room to take the dog for a walk. Don’t be surprised if nearly every neighbor says hello or passes a friendly wave in your direction.

    We are seeing a trend of young families buying 1990s detached Murrayville homes for sale and updating them to their needs and taste. Once someone moves to Murrayville, they stay for a very long time.

    Murrayville has everything you need, all walkable if you live in a condo or a townhouse. For detached homes, you’ll want to have a vehicle.

    Murrayville Townhomes For Sale

    Murrayville Lifestyle

    Laid back with a great community

    Murrayville Is Great For

    Young People & Couples

    Because of its affordability and the availability of starter homes, Murrayville is great for young couples and first-time home buyers.

    Retirees and Seniors

    Murrayville is great for retirees and seniors looking to stay connected to their community and surrounded by like-minded people.

    Imagining Your Life In Murrayville

    How you’ll spend your weekends…
    Hanging out at one of the many parks, or going for a swim at WC Blair pool. Grabbing dinner at a local sushi restaurant or some wings and a beer at the Murrayville Pub.

    Your entertainment & restaurant situation…
    A good selection of small restaurants with a variety of cuisine options, or grab some Quiznos or a Teen Burger for a quick fix.

    What you’ll do after work…
    Take the dog for a walk around the beautiful neighbourhoods. You’ll get some amazing sunsets from the top of the hill.

    Hobbies you can pick up…
    Flying! Take some pilot aviation lessons from the airport just down the street. Don’t worry; it’s just a small airport so the noise isn’t really noticeable.

    Murrayville is...


    Police station, safe community. Moving into one of the Murreyville condos for sale, means moving into a secured place.


    More primary bedrooms on the main. Close to the hospital. A peaceful and beautiful place for all the seniors.


    Young families are moving into older houses and putting in some elbow grease and style.

    What You'll Love

    One of my favourite parts of Murrayville is the shops at Five Corners. Five Corners is a historic corner that was recently converted into a roundabout. Lower Murrayville houses Porters Bistro, one of the most charming cafes in all of Langley and has become the community hub of Murrayville. It even hosts live music on Friday nights. Across the street there is a wonderful bakery called Tracycakes, well known for its “High Tea” and its freshly baked scones and 40 different flavours of cupcakes.

    Just 5 minutes up the hill you’ll find Murrayville Pub serving beers, burgers, and bites in a low-key atmosphere. It’s a local treasure with great long-time staff and service.

    What You Might Not Like

    Because of Murrayville’s location a little farther East, the access to Highway 1 or Highway 99 can take a little longer for commuters. Being close to the hospital, the airport, and the RCMP detachment, there are more sirens and aircraft noise than you would typically find.

    But this is actually something great since you know you are secure. In fact, you can choose one of the Murrayville homes for sale that is closest to the RCMP department. 

    The Murrayville Housing Market

    Murrayville Real Estate Stats

    Average Murrayville Home Prices

    homes for sale

    $900K +

    Townhomes for sale

    $500k - $1M

    Condos for sale

    $380K - $700k

    The Rental Market

    You don’t often find many rentals in Murrayville as many of the condos and townhouses are older and the strata has rental restrictions. Rental rates would typically be a little higher here to coincide with property values of the area and the proximity to the hospital. And if you want to settle here, then you can also get one of the Murrayville townhomes for sale and move in there. 

    Key Landmarks & Amenities

    A community built around essential services

    At A Glance

    Murrayville provides...

    A Major Hospital

    Murrayville is built around Langley Memorial Hospital and because of it, there are a lot of additional health care services. This is great for seniors who need easy access to medical.

    Police Station

    Murrayville is also home to one of Langley's main police halls, which help makes the community one of the safest in Langley.

    Parks + Outdoors

    Not as much as the outskirts of Langley Township, but Murrayville has plenty of smaller parks and walking trails. It's also very close to the outskirts, so rural trails are just a short drive away.

    Quick Access To The USA

    Murrayville is only a short 10-minute drive away from the Aldergrove border crossing. Just hop on Fraser Highway and you are there.

    Slower Pace Living

    In contrast to the busier areas of Willoughby and Langley City, Murrayville has a slower, quieter pace of life. This is great for seniors and familes.

    Community Rec Center

    Murrayville is home to the WC Blair rec centre, which is a kid-favorite and includes a free-form wave pool, swim lanes, a climbing wall, diving boards, and a hot tub!


    The commercial and retail area of Murrayville all runs within a couple blocks each direction of Fraser Highway. Fraser Highway runs right through the middle of Murrayville with the hospital on the north side and the RCMP detachment on the south side. The commercial areas are made up of small shops, cafes, and independent restaurants, most of which have been around for years. You too can start your own business successfully here after you have got one of the Murrayville condos for sale and moved in. 

    Twin's Favourite Picks

    Murrayville TownPub

    Murrayville Pub

    Pub + Restaurant
    Murrayville Pub is definitely the local watering hole. The staff and the regulars are all super friendly and they have damn good wings. Definitely a staple.
    Porters Bistro

    Porter's Bistro

    Bistro + Cafe
    The best Americano in Murrayville. It’s like stepping in a time machine. They still use the original cash register from 1911. Live music and cocktails on Friday nights.
    TPT Neighbourhood Guide Murrayville Canadian Museum of-Flight

    Canadian Museum of Flight

    A very cool rainy day activity. Located at the Langley Airport, The CMF has plenty of antique aircraft to check out!

    OTher Notables

    Restaurants & Pubs

    Murrayville Pub
    Porter’s Bistro
    Roses Pho
    Ko’s Sushi
    Hitori Japanese
    Nikko Sushi
    Adrian’s At The Airport
    Ricky’s All Day Grill

    Fast Food




    Grocery Stores


    Coffee Shops​

    The Joy of Coffee
    TraceyCakes Bakery Cafe
    Coastal Coffee House
    Balance Cafe




    Aldergrove Credit Union


    Flexion Fitness Studio
    Body Buster Fitness
    Hybrid Athletics

    Location + Accessibility

    Murrayville is a small community in the Township of Langley

    Murrayville is located on the south-east side of Langley, between Langley City and Aldergrove. Given its location, it’s a quick drive into the core of Langley and a quick drive to the outskirts of Langley. 

    Aldergrove homes for sale

    Proximity To...

    (calculated by drive time)

    To Costco Langley: 5 to 10 minutes / within 5km
    To Downtown Vancouver: 45 min
    To Burnaby: 30 min
    To Surrey City Centre: 25 min
    To Skytrain Line: 22 min
    To YVR Airport: 45 min
    To USA Border: 20 min
    To Ferries: 38 min




    Murrayville is lacking a strong bus network and bus accessibility.



    No problem finding taxis/rideshares – especially with the hospital so close.



    You’re a 25 minute bus or car ride away from the closest Skytrain.


    Car Dependant

    Almost all errands require a car.

    Transit Score

    Some Transit

    There is lots of transit that runs through Aldergrove, especially closer to Fraser Highway. However, the farther you live from that, the fewer transit options you will have.


    Very Bikeable

    Aldergrove is flat as a pancake and there are good bike lanes throughout.

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