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Campbell Valley / Otter District

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    Campbell Valley / Otter DIstrict

    The Heartbeat of Campbell Valley

    Campbell Valley lies between Brookswood and the USA border and is mostly known for the beautiful, Campbell Valley Park.

    There are rolling green fields, forests and trails, horse stables, and vineyards. South Langley is perfect for those who want the peace and privacy of country life, without having to move to the Interior of B.C. to find it.

    Campbell Valley At A Glance

    Big, Spacious, Open, and Private – Country Living At Its Langley Best

    Campbell Valley is country, rural lifestyle at its best!

    With mostly farms and acreages, it’s easy to fall in love with this area on a long, summertime, country drive. 

    Most of the acreages are on wells and septic systems, but some of the new construction in Fernridge and High Point are now serviced with city water/sewer and have been split into 10,000 sq. ft. lots.

    There is not much for restaurants and entertainment in South Langley, but it does have the highest concentration of wineries in BC – outside of the Okanagan!

    Campbell Valley's
    Defining Characteristics

    Beautiful Park

    Campbell Valley Park is Langley's most popular park for locals.


    With large lots, there is plenty of distance between you and the neighbours.

    Rural Country Living

    Enjoy peace and quiet with just a short drive into town.

    Campbell Valley's
    Housing Market

    South Langley’s real estate market is mostly large acreages containing single family homes. A majority of the houses were built from the 1960s to the 1980s.

    The properties generally are on well water and use a septic system, with the exception of the Fernridge area in South Langley, which is an up-and-coming area that is fully services on approximately 10,000 sq. ft. lots.

    Crime is very low and you’ll never have an issue finding parking.

    Neighbourhood Appeal

    Country living and the private life

    South Langley is for the person who loves country life and enjoys their privacy.
    If you’ve every dreamt of owning horses, being minutes away from quirky wineries, and living a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle – you’ll love this area.

    A quick 15-minute drive will get you into downtown Langley and you basically live at the US border with Zero Ave taking you straight there within minutes.

    Campbell Valley Lifestyle

    Open, Spacious Country Living

    Campbell Valley Is Great For

    Financially-Established Families

    Because of the lot sizes and open spaces, Campbell Valley doesn't come cheap. It's great for financially-established families that have the budget – and farmers, of course!

    Investors and Developers

    Campbell Valley is great for investors and developers looking to purchase and develop land – especially with the future development of the Fernridge area.

    Imagining Your Life In Campbell Valley

    How you’ll spend your weekends…
    You’ll spend your weekends in the yard doing yard work on your large property – or you can hire a gardener and spend your weekends riding horses and visiting nearby wineries!

    Your entertainment & restaurant situation…
    Your entertainment and restaurant situation is limited out this far, but the Bacchus Bistro (at Chaberton Estate Winery) has an amazing chef. Make sure to book a reservation.

    You can also head towards Brookswood to The Artful Dodger Pub! Feel free to ride your horse there.

    What you’ll do after work…
    More landscaping! Exciting right?

    Or turn off the ride-on lawnmower and invite some friends out for a BBQ on your large lot.

    Hobbies you can pick up…
    Every winery in the area has a “Wine Club” so I would start there and then sign up for horse riding lessons.

    In hindsight, maybe get the horse riding lessons before the Wine Club.

    Campbell Valley is...

    Spacious and Private

    Because of the amount of space, you can expect a spacious and private lifestyle out in Campbell Valley.


    Campbell Valley has lots of parks and off-leash dog areas. There are plenty of places to get lost and explore.


    Campbell Valley is farm country and you will regularly see people riding their horses down the road. There are plenty of trails weaving throughout!

    What You'll Love

    Moving to South Langley, you’ll fall in love with the quiet lifestyle, the gorgeous scenery, and the ability to go from countryside to city in only a few minute’s drive.

    What You Might Not Like

    Properties in this area are mostly large acreages and farm land, which means that there aren’t really many shops and restaurants close. If you need a few necessities, you’ll be looking at a 15+ minute drive.

    If you’re an investor, know that you’ll struggle with the zoning as South Langley is part of the Agricultural Land Reserve.

    The Campbell Valley Market

    Real Estate Stats

    Average Campbell Valley Home Prices

    Detached Houses


    (with or without acreage)





    The Rental Market

    There are very few rentals in South Langley and the rental market is not strong.

    Key Landmarks & Amenities

    Country Living and a Whole 'Lotta Space

    At A Glance

    Campbell Valley provides...


    The highest concentration of wineries in the Fraser Valley are all a short drive away.

    Parks + Outdoors

    Plenty of walking trails and picnic areas at Campbell Valley Park.

    Quiet Country Living

    Enjoy the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


    There are very few businesses in the Campbell Valley / South Langley area, but there are a whole ‘lotta wineries.

    Twin's Favourite Picks

    Chaberton Estate Winery

    The largest of the local wineries, Chaberton has a great selection of easy to drink wines and an outdoor area where you can take a bottle and a couple of glasses to enjoy with friends. And if you get hungry, Bacchus Bistro is right there as well.

    Glasshouse Estate Winery

    This winery is a little further East, right on the U.S. border, but worth the drive. They have a gorgeous tasting room, a serene outdoor area, delicious wines, and of course the “Glasshouse” - a stunning events space enclosed in glass with views of the vineyard.

    Township 7 Winery

    A small winery with a country feel, make sure you check out Bard in the Vineyard comedy theatre performances here in the summer.

    Backyard Winery

    As close to a happy hour atmosphere as you’ll find anywhere at a winery, Backyard has good wine, charcuterie boards, and a large outdoor picnic space.

    Location + Accessibility

    Owning a vehicle is a must for transportation

    You’ll need to own a vehicle if you live in South Langley. All of life’s “necessities” are a short drive into Langley, or about the same amount of time to get to South Surrey at South Point Exchange.

    Proximity To...

    (calculated by drive time)

    To Costco Langley: 20 min 
    To Downtown Vancouver: 60 min
    To Burnaby: 1 hour 10 min
    To Surrey City Centre: 50 min
    To Skytrain Line: 50 min
    To YVR Airport: 55 min
    To USA Border: 5 min
    To Ferries: 45 min




    Campbell Valley is lacking major bus routes.



    Taxis and rideshares are available, but expect a bit of a wait.



    Nope! You’re a 50-minute car ride away from the closest Skytrain station.


    Car Dependant

    Almost all your Campbell Valley errands will require a car.

    Transit Score

    Minimal Transit

    You’re better off grabbing a taxi if you don’t own a car.


    Somewhat Bikeable

    While there is minimal biking infrastructure, the wide, flat roads, and decent-sized shoulders make for great road cycling.

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