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    Brookswood Real Estate Guide

    City Essentials on the Edge of the Country

    Brookswood is just south of Langley City and borders Surrey on its west side. Brookswood is made up of mostly detached homes on larger lots than your standard Langley parcel. And if you want to be a part of this place, you will easily find many beautiful Brookswood homes for sale here.

    Brookswood is surrounded by nature and tends to move at a little slower pace. The tall trees, nature trails, and old growth forests are what gives Brookswood its charm and the reason why so many clients of ours are choosing to move there. It’s a fantastic community to be a part of.

    Brookswood Homes For Sale

    Brookswood At A Glance

    Small town community feel, surrounded by nature

    Brookswood is great for anyone who wants to enjoy a little more privacy and a sense of small-town community. Just pick up the right option for you from the Brookswood townhomes for sale and move in to enjoy the loveliness of this city.

    Cedarbrook Mall is the community hub of Brookswood and you’ll almost always bump into a neighbour that you know there. It also has everything you need to keep you from having to brave Costco on a weekend. You’ve got everything from Parlour – an amazing spa!– to Starbucks, a liquor store, and even three different options for sushi! The little Buy-Low Foods is perfect to pop in for some quick groceries for dinner. I have never had to wait in line.

    Oh, and the cinnamon buns at Cedarbrook Bakery will change your life – there’s a reason they have 100+ Google reviews.

    Brookswood is also quite a unique area of Langley and you can get some of the best Brookswood condos for sale in the area. It hasn’t been affected by the urban sprawl and traffic issues that Willoughby and Clayton have. There is space between neighbours and endless street parking. You’ll love living here as much as we do. Just search for the Brookswood homes for sale here and make your choice.

    And then you’ll be neighbours with the Twins!

    Defining Characteristics

    Convenient & Accessible

    Once you purchase one of the Brookswood townhomes for sale, you will find everything you'll need for your Brookswood lifestyle is convenient and accessible within Brookswood.

    Plenty of Parks

    From Uplands Dog Park, to the bike track and parkour park, there are plenty of parks to choose from. So, if you have kids and/or pets, Brookswood has got the place for them to play.

    Immersed in Nature

    Endless tall trees give Brookswood that “North Van” feeling. After getting your condo from one of the available Brookswood condos for sale, you can easily immerse yourself in nature here.

    Sense of Community

    You’ll get to know your neighbours as you’ll have a little more yard work than your typical home. You will be spending a lot of time connecting with the community and indulfing in the community aciti

    Perfectly Private

    Larger lots mean more space between homes. Mature landscaping helps as well! So, when you buy one of the Brookswood homes for sale, privacy comes as an added bonus with it.


    After you get one of the Brookswood condos for sale, you will see that the area is a safe one. So, if you have kids, you can be rest assured that they are safely playing in the front yard while you are busy elsewhere.

    Brookswood Homes For Sale

    Brookswood Housing Market

    Brookswood’s real estate market is made up of single family homes and has just a few condos or townhouses. So, if you are looking to purchase one of the Brookswood homes for sale, you will be in lucky. Brookswood townhomes for sale or Brookswood condos for sale, not so much.

    Mainly built in the late 1970s and through the 1980s, the lot sizes are quite generous, typically starting at around 7,000 sq. ft. and larger. Don’t be surprised when you tour around to see RVs and boats parked at the side of homes, or a large shop out back. Brookswood has always been a popular place for car enthusiasts as they all want a shop to tinker with their toys. 

    Something to note  many of the homes in Brookswood are on septic and it’s very rare to find one with a basement suite. So, make sure you check many Brookswood homes for sale and choose the ones that best fits your needs.

    Aldergrove real estate

    Neighbourhood Appeal

    Want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city?
    Buy one of the Brookswood homes for sale!

    Brookswood definitely turns it down a couple of notches. It is for the type of person who likes their space and their privacy.

    That typically comes with a little extra yard work and you’ll definitely need a vehicle to grab your groceries. Brookswood is a community that you would see in the movies. Plenty of space, but still with that country charm of a community hub at Cedarbrook Mall. 

    Many of our friends and clients have got one of the Brookswood condos for sale and moved to Brookswood, end up laying down roots because they love it here. It’s a great place to raise a family. It has great schools and feels safe away from the riff-raff that a big city can bring.

    Brookswood Townhomes For Sale

    Brookswood Lifestyle

    Brookswood is for the type of person who likes their space and their privacy

    Brookswood Is Great For

    Families looking for room to roam

    Due to the larger lot sizes and detached family homes, families love having a backyard for their kids to play in and a place to throw regular BBQs. It is one of the best things about getting one of the Brookswood homes for sale.

    Car Enthusiasts

    Car enthusiasts love Brookswood because many of the lots are large enough to add your own shop! On a warm, summer night you'll see hot rods all over Brookswood.

    Buying A Brookswood Home

    Imagining Your Life in Brookswood

    How you’ll spend your weekends…
    Throwing get-togethers and BBQs in your back yard with friends and family. You’ll spend time cleaning up your yard or working on that list of improvement projects that comes with buying an older home. You’ll grow to love it, don’t worry – except for the gutters. All the trees mean they fill up fast.

    Your entertainment & restaurant situation…
    When you get one of the Brookswood homes for sale here, head out to enjoy the amazing restaurants near by waiting for you. There are three sushi restaurants, a classic Italian/Pizza restaurant called Ocean Park Pizza, and a pub you can ride your horse to called The Artful Dodger pub. 

    Yep, I said “ride your horse to”. 

    What you’ll do after work…
    You’ll relax. Life is pretty quiet in Brookswood once you get one of the Brookswood condos for sale. Order up some pizza and then kick back and relax with the family. Stream some Netflix as Cedarbrook Blockbuster closed back when we used to ride our bikes there as teenagers.

    Hobbies you can pick up…
    Brookswood is full of car enthusiasts, garden-lovers, and horse owners. Spend your free time checking out the classics, going for walks through the big trees, and check out a stable or two. Even check out the equestrian show on 208th St.

    For the kids, there is an amazing bike park and skate park for them to get in their thrills.

    Brookswood is...

    Great For Families

    With larger lots, bigger backyards, and lots of parking, Brookswood is great for those with growing families.

    Great For Dog Lovers

    There are tons of outdoor spaces and parks throughout Brookswood, so if you have a doggo, they will love having the room to roam.

    Convenient & Private

    You'll have lots of privacy buying a home in Brookswood, but still be close enough to the essentials so that day-to-day errands are easy.

    What You'll Love

    The best part of Brookswood is that you feel like you are living in nature. There is green everywhere you look. The tall evergreen trees give it a very “North Van” feel and Cedarbrook Village feels like a small community hub that you’d see in the movies.

    Getting one of the Brookswood homes for sale would be a great choice if you are hoping to live in a happy community. You’ll bump into your neighbours, meet new friends, and get to know the names of all the employees working at the independent shops.

    What You Might Not Like

    Most of the Brookswood homes for sale are on septic, so once in a while, your neighbour might have their septic pumped on a Friday afternoon. 

    Some of the streets don’t have sidewalks and some of the homes have started to show their wear.  

    The tall trees are beautiful but they tend to block the sunshine. Cleaning moss off your roof and cleaning gutters is a right of passage in Brookswood, but the tall trees are what make Brookswood unique and you’ll get to know your neighbours when you first move in because you’ll probably need to borrow some tools.

    The Brookswood Real Estate Market

    Real Estate Stats

    Average Brookswood House Prices







    The Rental Market

    Usually, you’re either considering renting the top half or the bottom half of a detached home. If you have pets, this is is generally a better place to start looking for rentals because of the larger yards and no strata properties. Rental rates usually start at around $800 per month and go up from there. And if you want to buy your home instead, check out the great Brookswood condos for sale. 

    Key Landmarks & Amenities

    Plenty of open space and parks to explore.

    At A Glance

    Brookswood provides...

    Room to Roam

    Plenty of open space and parks to explore.


    Homes have large lots with plenty of privacy.

    Places to Park

    No worries about finding a parking spot.

    Small Town Vibe

    A great sense of community with an awesome community hub.


    Twin's Favourite Picks

    tpt-neighbourhood guide brookswood artful dodger

    The Artful Dodger

    A cozy, classic locals country pub, with a cold beer and wine drive-through for cars... or horses. Delivers a fun atmosphere filled with events, sports, contests, and live music.
    tpt-neighbourhood guide brookswood cedar brook

    Cedarbrook Bakery

    A local staple within this small community. This bakery is legendary and has everything from fresh baking to party trays, fresh soups, and sandwiches.
    tpt neighbourhood guide brookswood parlour


    Day Spa
    Always a great experience at Parlour. Parlour is a full-service day spa, salon, and barber shop that caters to both women and men. Men, don't be afraid to check out their Man Cave.

    OTher Notables

    Restaurants & Pubs

    Hirame Sushi
    Ocean Park Pizza 
    Togo Plus Sushi
    Sushi Mate 
    The Artful Dodger

    Fast Food

    Freshslice Pizza


    No Breweries in Brookswood

    Coffee Shops​



    Buy Low Foods



    Location + Accessibility

    Close to The City, But Nestled Away In The Forest

    The walkability in Brookswood is not great. You’ll definitely need to own a vehicle to run out for errands or groceries when you get one of the Brookswood townhomes for sale. Cedarbrook Mall has everything you need to fill the gaps, for quick stops or to grab something for dinner. You’ll want a vehicle to do the large shops at Costco or Save On Foods, or to head downtown Langley for more dine-out options.

    Aldergrove homes for sale

    Proximity To...

    (calculated by drive time)

    To Costco Langley: 15 min
    To Downtown Vancouver: 1 hour
    To Burnaby: 1 hour 20 min
    To Surrey City Centre: 45 min
    To Skytrain Line: 40 min
    To YVR Airport: 45 min
    To USA Border: 5-10 min
    To Ferries: 45 min




    You’ll find busses through the main routes, but the outskirts are lacking.



    A fair amount of taxis and rideshares through the Brookswood area.



    Nope! You’re a 45-minute car ride away from the closest Skytrain station.



    Most errands require a car.

    Transit Score

    Some Transit

    A few nearby public transportation options.


    Somewhat Bikeable

    Flat as a pancake, however there are minimal bike lanes. Shoulders should be wide enough to ride.

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