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    Aldergrove Real Estate Guide

    Great value for your dollar

    Aldergrove is a little off the beaten path, about 15 minutes East of Langley City, just before you hit Abbotsford. It is a small community of fewer than 20,000 residents, but still has all the conveniences you will need within a short drive.

    Due to the location, the homes for sale in Aldergrove have prices that tend to be 10% to 20% less than your standard Langley City home. And because of this, many young families are buying detached homes from the list of Aldergrove homes for sale and putting a little love into them. They find the commute is worth it – bang for buck.

    Geographically, Aldergrove is split into two population centers: Aldergrove and Aldergrove East, which is actually part of Abbotsford.

    Aldergrove Homes For Sale

    Aldergrove At A Glance

    Modernizing Quickly

    Young families love the affordability of the Aldergrove townhomes for sale and the fact that they can buy a detached fixer-upper for the same price as a large Langley townhome. This is breathing new life into the community and businesses, and the area is changing quickly.

    Langley Township is spending $40 million to transform the downtown core in the hopes of attracting thousands of new residents over the next two decades. You will find many townhomes and condos for sale in Aldergrove. To make it better, Aldergrove is filled with many independently-owned pubs, restaurants, and activities for families to suit a wide variety of personalities.

    Many of these businesses have been around for years and have plenty of character and a down-home feel. The infamous Alder-Inn has recently closed, and depending on who you ask; it is either a great thing or a tragedy.

    Defining Characteristics


    Homes for sale in Aldergrove tend to have a 10% - 20% less price than a comparable home in Langley City.

    Good Investment

    With an influx of new families, prices of the townhomes for sale in Aldergrove are sure to increase over time.

    Independent Shops

    While you won't find any big box stores, Aldergrove does have everything you need from local, independent businesses.

    Small Town Vibe

    It’s easy to get to know your neighbours in this small town when you buy one of the condos for sale in Aldergrove. Over the years, we have always found everyone to be amicable.


    There are lots of activities including parks, a bowling alley, a drive-in movie theatre, and even a zoo! Aldergrove also just got a brand new rec center with an amazing new swimming facility.

    Aldergrove Homes For Sale

    Aldergrove Housing Market

    Aldergrove comprises a mix of a small number of condos and townhouses, but mostly single-family detached homes. So, you can pick any from the Aldergrove condos for sale or the townhomes for sale as they are perfect for a single-family.

    Most of the homes were built in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with some newer detached homes in East Aldergrove built in the last decade.

    Because of the affordability, there are more rentals in Aldergrove than most Langley neighbourhoods. The lots are generally serviced with water, hydro, and sewer, and most have gas, except for the houses in the community’s rural areas.

    Recently, there has been some new condo and townhouse construction near the downtown core, along Fraser Hwy. So, if you are looking for some townhouses or condos for sale in Aldergrove, head here to get one.

    Aldergrove real estate

    Neighbourhood Appeal

    Young families are flocking to Aldergrove for its affordability.

    Aldergrove is perfect for someone searching for a cozy small-town feel that isn’t far from a larger city’s fun. 

    If you enjoy a little extra space, a little extra cash in your pocket, and don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease, many great family homes are waiting for you in Aldergrove. In short, it is an ideal place for you to buy one of the Aldergrove townhomes for sale and settle.

    You’ll enjoy the quirky little independent shops and family diners on Fraser Highway.

    And don’t worry, as much as this feels like a small country town, they now have a Starbucks if you’re afraid you’d miss that Pumpkin Spice Latte!

    Aldergrove Townhomes For Sale

    Aldergrove Lifestyle

    An Up-And-Coming Town With A Little Hint Of Country

    Aldergrove Is Great For

    Young Families

    Without a doubt, Aldergrove is the most affordable area of Langley. You can buy one of the Aldergrove townhomes for sale, or a detached home with a small yard for the same price as a Langley City townhouse. If you have young children and want some land, Aldergrove can be a great place to set down roots.


    We have had many clients purchase a two-level detached home, fix it up, and then split it into an upstairs rental unit and a downstairs rental unit. You can even get an excellent price for the condos for sale in Aldergrove, whose cost would eventually increase in the future.

    Imagining Your Life In Aldergrove

    How you’ll spend your weekends…
    Once you get one of the homes for sale in Aldergrove, you will love checking out the shops or grabbing a bite from a local restaurant in downtown. The summer activities are endless with the new Otter Co-Op Outdoor Experience and numerous parks around the city.

    For delicious, generous portions, we recommend checking out Bob’s Bar and Grill. The Brick House Bistro is another Aldergrove staple you have to try.

    Yes, Aldergrove has pubs. The Fox and Hounds pub is a classic pub, serving your go-to pub food and drinks. It’s definitely the local watering hole.

    Lots. Twilight Drive-In Theatre, Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience Waterpark, and the Greater Vancouver Zoo to name a few.

    What you’ll do after work…
    Hit the new rec center for a workout, go check out a movie at the drive-in, tinker in your garage, or head home and fire up the BBQ for a family dinner. There’s plenty to keep you busy after buying one of the Aldergrove homes for sale and settle in.

    Hobbies you can pick up…
    Grab a book from the Aldergrove library, take the dog for a walk in one of the numerous parks, do some gardening, visit with your neighbours, or explore the countryside. Another big bonus: getting one of the Aldergrove townhomes for sale means that you’re just minutes from the US border.

    Aldergrove is...

    Great For Families

    With Aldergrove condos for sale at low prices, lots of room, and plenty of activities, Aldergrove is excellent for families just starting out.


    Absolutely. There are lots of parks and a couple off-leash dog parks in the area, and a lot of businesses will let you in with your pup.

    An Up and Comer

    The Township is spending $40 million to transform the downtown core in the hopes of attracting thousands of new residents over the next two decades.

    What You'll Love

    The prices of the Aldergrove homes for sale can’t be beaten if you want to live in Langley and get more for your money.


    We have had many clients skip moving from a downtown Langley condo/townhouse straight to an Aldergrove single-family home. Because of its location and the small shops and businesses down Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove truly feels like small-town living.


    And once you get one of the homes for sale in Aldergrove, you will enjoy everything about it. Oh, there’s always plenty of room to park and very little traffic.

    What You Might Not Like

    Unless you love driving, the commute is one of the more negative aspects of living in Aldergrove.


    It is a little further out, and Fraser Highway can be a little slow during rush hour if you don’t time it right. Expect a 15- to 20-minute drive to any major mall or shops once you buy one of the Aldergrove townhomes for sale and settle in. 


    Walkability is also tough, so you will want to own a vehicle unless you live right downtown.

    The Aldergrove Market

    Aldergrove Real Estate Stats

    Average Aldergrove Home Prices

    Homes For Sale


    Townhomes For Sale

    $380K - $700K

    Condos For Sale

    $280K - $450K

    The Rental Market

    There is an abundance of rentals in Aldergrove. So, you do not need to buy one of the condos for sale in Aldergrove to live here. 


    And if you don’t own a car and would like more walkability, we would suggest looking for a rental condo or townhouse as most of the condo buildings are situated closer to downtown.


    Rentals can start as low as $600 a month and go up from there and many detached homes have more than one rental unit in them.


    Most are pet friendly, and parking generally isn’t an issue as there is plenty of street parking.

    Key Landmarks & Amenities

    An up-and-comer that has a lot to offer

    At A Glance

    Aldergrove provides...

    Casual Dining Options

    There are plenty of casual dining options in Aldergrove, but if you want more variety, you'll have to head to downtown Langley.

    A good Selection of Schools

    Aldergrove hosts plenty of elementary and secondary schools that should fit your children's needs.

    Parks + Outdoors

    Not as much as the outskirts of Langley Township, but Aldergrove has plenty of smaller parks and walking trails.

    Quick Access to USA

    Aldergrove is only a 5 min drive to the border.

    Slower Pace Living

    There are plenty of outdoor concerts, small festivals, bars, farmer's markets, and indoor activities.

    A sense of Community

    Due to its small town feel, Aldergrove boasts a close sense of community that you might find missing in Langley City.


    The commercial and retail of Aldergrove is mostly along the slowed driving stretch of Fraser Highway on your way through town. It’s lined with cafes, independent restaurants of all kinds, and small independent boutique shops and antique stores.


    After you have got one of the homes for sale in Aldergrove and need gas for your car, drive a little further east from the highway to find the cheapest gas in Langley.

    Twin's Favourite Picks

    Township of Langley

    Aldergrove Credit Union Community Center

    Community Center
    A great new facility that includes an indoor pool, a hot tub, a walking track, and a great gym. Everything you need to stay fit!
    Twilight Drive In

    Twilight Drive-In Movie Theatre

    Movie Theatre
    The only remaining drive-in movie theatre in the Lower Mainland! A great evening out to enjoy a double feature.
    Township of Langley

    Otter Co-Op Water Experience Park

    Water Park
    Includes a new pool, leisure pool, three waterslides, a tidal pool, river channel, and a splash-pad! Great in the summer!
    Vancouver zoo

    Greater Vancouver Zoo

    The 120-acre zoo is home to over 140 different species including giraffes, lions, and tigers.
    tptneighbourhoodguide aldergrove fox and-hounds pub

    The Fox and Hounds Pub

    Pub Restaurant
    A classic pub, serving classic pub food and ice cold beer. Music Bingo on Fridays and Karaoke on Saturdays.

    OTher Notables

    Restaurants & Pubs

    White Spot
    Boston Pizza
    Bob’s Bar n’ Grill
    Mazatlan Mexican Cuisine
    Benkey Sushi
    Brick Alley Bistro
    TJ Restaurant & Steak House
    Hirame Sushi
    Aldergrove Indian Bistro

    Fast Food

    Dairy Queen
    Tim Hortons


    Powerhouse Gym
    Apocalypse Fitness
    Ninja Fitness
    Oxygen Yoga


    Sorry, no breweries in Aldergrove

    Coffee Shops​

    Columbia Coffee House
    Book n’ Bean


    Aldergrove Credit Union

    Grocery Stores

    Fresh Co
    Otter Co-Op
    Alder Natural Foods

    Location + Accessibility

    The Closer You Live To Fraser hwy, The More Accessible It Is

    The walkability in Aldergrove is easily explained.

    The closer you live to Fraser Highway, the better walkability you will have. So, it is best to get one of the Aldergrove homes for sale that is near the highway.

    Most of the public transit runs along Fraser Highway, and so do the small businesses, including grocery stores. The further you are from Fraser Highway, the more likely it is you will need a vehicle. Keep this in mind as you choose one of the townhomes for sale in Aldergrove.

    Aldergrove homes for sale

    Proximity To...

    (calculated by drive time)

    To Costco Langley: 15 min
    To Downtown Vancouver: Over 1 hour
    To Skytrain Line: 40 min
    To YVR Airport: 1 hour 20 min
    To USA Border: 5 min
    To Ferries: 1 hour




    Lots of bus routes and accessibility throughout Aldergrove.



    Lots of taxis and ride-share available throughout Aldergrove.



    You’re a 40 minute bus or car ride away from the closest Skytrain.


    A Walker's Paradise

    If you buy one of the Aldergrove condos for sale that is close to the Fraser Highway, you can expect that most errands can be accomplished on foot.

    However, if you live farther out, you will definitely need a car.

    Transit Score

    Some Transit

    There are lots of bus routes that run through Aldergrove, especially closer to Fraser Highway. However, if you buy one of the Aldergrove townhomes for sale that is farther from that, you will have fewer transit options.


    Very Bikeable

    Aldergrove is flat as a pancake and there are good bike lanes throughout.

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