Must-Ask Question When Choosing A Surrey-Langley Realtor

There are a lot of houses for sale in Langley, as well as an abundance of realtors to choose from, but as you might know, lots of options doesn’t always make the process easy.

Not at all in fact.

And since selecting the right realtor is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to buy or selling your Langley home, we’ve outlined a comprehensive list of the things you should consider in the process.

Here they are, The Property Twins top tips for choosing your Surrey/Langley Realtor:

1. Do Not Rush Your Decision

The most important piece of advice is to thoroughly research and “vet“ the Langley Realtors that you are considering.

If you can help it, do not rush your decision. This is about selling your biggest asset after all.

Family and friends will recommend people that they know and have worked with but they may not be the right fit for you. Every realtor has their own skill set and something different to offer. If you are selling a home, look at the different houses for sale in Langley. Review the realtors that have listed those homes and check their reputations.

If you own a townhouse or condominium, check the townhouses for sale in Langley and the condos for sale in Langley. Certain realtors specialize in those types of transactions.

It is important that you select a Langley realtor that has the specialized knowledge for your specific transaction.

It is important that you meet with numerous Langley realtors in person and interview them thoroughly. Only once you have a full body of knowledge on the individuals you are considering should you make a decision. 

2. Choose The Person, Not Just Their Experience

Just because a realtor has a sterling reputation does not mean that he or she is the realtor for you. Of course, they should have the requisite experience to understand the complexities of your situation, but that shouldn’t be all you’re looking for.

The right realtor should be available to you, reliable and it should be someone you like and get along with.

Think about your situation and contextualize what you need. Sometimes, a realtor from a smaller office will be a better fit since they will provide a more personalized approach. Other times, you might want the big name and the access they have and are willing to accept that you will have less face-time with the realtor.

It is important that you focus on having a good working relationship with your realtor because you are going to spend a lot of time with them. Go with your gut instincts, of course, but make sure that your instincts are supported by readily available knowledge and information.

3. Make sure the realtor has your best interest at heart

While it doesn’t have to be stressful, keep in mind that buying or selling a Langley house is a serious and important transaction and you must be able to communicate what you’re looking for with your realtor.

This will help make sure that your expectations are understood upfront and you end up getting what you want out of the process.

We recommend not being shy.

If you are looking for real estate, explain what your budget is and stick to it

 Sometimes realtors will take you to homes that are out of your price range for their own benefit, but know you can be firm with your realtor and explain to them that if they do not deliver what you are expecting that you will seek other options.

It is also important that you have the same outlook on life and business as your realtor. You should get a feeling from your realtor right at the outset as to what their life views are and if they align with yours.

Establishing mutual respect and trust at the beginning of the relationship is imperative. You need to feel comfortable with the individual and make sure they are delivering the results you expect.

4. Look for passion, conviction and honesty

Take a look at the portfolio of real estate that your realtor is handling. How do they present themselves and how do they present other properties they are selling? What do their brochures, website and signs look like? Do they always appear professional or do they come across in a sub-standard way? Are they always neat and well-dressed and is their car clean?

These are all important factors that all give clues to the quality of the realtor you are interviewing. As a general rule of thumb, the way a realtor approaches every aspect of his or her business is likely how they will approach your transaction.

If you are selling a condo or townhouse, Google “condos for sale in Langley” and the “townhouses for sale in Langley” and compare how other realtors are presenting those properties as opposed to how your realtor presents their listings.

Only by comparing and contrasting styles will you arrive at a decision that suits your purpose.

5. Your realtor should offer adequate support

Keep in mind that you won’t be your realtors only client – especially if they are good. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t provide you with adequate support.

Realtors are engaged in a very fast-paced environment with lots of transactions at various stages, but regardless, should provide all their clients with support throughout the buying or selling process.

If your realtor has assistants and a staff to support them, it is more likely that they will be able to respond professionally and adequately to your demands and expectations. It is important that there is a balance; you do not necessarily want a realtor who is “too big” and cannot give you any attention, but a realtor that does not have any support may not be able to handle the day-to-day today demands of your specific transaction.

6. Your Langley Realtor should want to understand you

It is important that your interests align with your realtor’s.

Everyone has a different reason for purchasing or selling home and you and your realtor should be on the same page about it.

Some first-time homebuyers are moving from a rental and getting married. Some are divorcing. There are condos for sale in Langley that are in foreclosure as a result of unpaid common charges and there are townhouses for sale in Langley because homeowners are moving out of city.

When you interview your realtor, make sure that he or she has some common thread with you. This will go a long way toward ultimately finding the proper home for you to purchase.

7. Your realtor should provide clear lines of communication

You should never feel pressured by your realtor. Ever.

If they put you in uncomfortable situations where you are afraid to express yourself or if they talk down to you, make a switch immediately.

Many realtors feel that they know the business better than anyone else and that their advice is the best advice the client will receive, but at the end of the day, this is about you and your largest asset. They are working for you.

Make sure that they provide clear lines of communication throughout your interview process and show genuine interest in helping you get what you want.

Notice they create a space where it is safe for you to express your thoughts and emotions around ideas they have, and 

8. Your realtor should have a good reputation

You should always thoroughly vet your realtors before you make a selection. Information on your Langley realtors reputation and background should be readily available now a days. Look on Google. Check out Yelp. Read their reviews and testimonials. Talk to past clients and see what their professional colleagues say about them. 

9. Your agent should have a solid plan buying or selling plan

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Langley, your realtor should be able to articulate a solid course of action that is tailored to your needs. And they should explain in detail what sets them apart from their competitors.

If you are selling your Langley home, they should be able to give you a realistic timeline in terms of when your house will be sold and around what price range.

If you are buying a home in Langley, they should be able to explain to you what the market will bear and what homes are in your price range.

No matter what questions you ask, they should be able to answer you directly and not have to get back to you with answers. Realtors are thoroughly trained for these types of situations – they do role-playing constantly and they understand the ins and the outs of what buyers and sellers need and expect. Make sure you ask direct, pointed questions to your realtor about their plan and don’t be afraid to put them on the spot.

10. Your realtor should be intimately familiar with your neighborhood

You do not want to select a realtor that is outside of your desired market.

A realtor that handles transactions in different cities likely will not know the local customs of the neighbourhood you are buying or selling in and it is very unlikely they will know the best schools, community do’s and don’t, restaurants, places of interest etc.

Selecting a realtor with local influence will go a long way toward successfully finding a home that suits your needs.


The realtor should be known, liked and well-respected in the community in which you are buying or selling. The reason for this is that other realtors will want to work with them. This is very important because those other realtors have clients that will be looking to buy the homes that your realtor is listing.

11. Make sure your real estate agent can work around your schedule

It is important that you lean toward hiring a full-time realtor. Many realtors work part-time and that means they are available to help part-time.

As a buyer, you need someone that is available to take you out on nights and weekends. Typically, buyers look for homes during those times because they are working during the day and during the week. If you call them, is important they pick up their phone because real estate is a very fast-paced industry and things change on an hourly basis. That is not an exaggeration. Things even change on a minute-by-minute basis. The difference between getting home and losing a home could literally mean one missed phone call. Your realtor must be on the ball, committed and full-time. Make that one of the main criteria when evaluating agents.

12. Should be active online/good with technology.

Because real estate is so fast-paced, a realtor that is good with technology and communication is important.

Almost every listing today is online and realtors communicate constantly with one another digitally.

Your agent should have a very strong online presence (a quick Google search will tell you) and they should be active on the different social media sites, as well as their own website.

More likely than not, if they have not invested the time to do this for themselves, they are not going to do it for you.

A strong online presence will show your home to as many buyers as possible , which means more viewings and faster sales. An agent that is current with technology will be more efficient and able to expose your home to the maximum number of qualified buyers.

If you have a house for sale in Langley or are looking to purchase in Langley, rely upon the information above when interviewing and selecting a Langley realtor.

Take your time, do your research and only make a selection once you have interviewed a minimum of 3-5 realtors.

Following these steps will place you on your way to success in Langley’s modern real estate market.

And, of course, if you ever have any questions, please contact us.